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Bespoke Customer Engagement

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Getting Started

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About the Company

Affinity PI create bespoke customer engagement strategies for the Property Industry.

We realise that customer engagement and satisfaction is the key to good Property Management.

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What we do

We speak to your Leaseholders and generate actionable data to better manage your properties.


Our Goals

Residents who feel engaged, respected and, most importantly, happy

REgular surveys

Why should I regularly survey my residents?

The main benefit of carrying out an NPS survey is that it directly tells you how satisfied your customers are with your service. Happy customers are always the aim and NPS lets you effectively measure this.

Should the survey tell you that satisfaction is low you can create an action plan to improve it.

NPS surveys allow you to identify who is a promoter and therefore loyal to your company.

By regularly surveying your residents you can ensure your actions are working or re-evaluate if not.

NPS can be implemented into your companies KPIs to encourage customer engagement within your workforce.

We recommend NPS surveys are carried out at least 6 monthly.

All new clients receive their first survey for free when signing up for an annual contract.

Promoter identification


Promotors are less price sensitive

They recommend you to others

They are less likely to leave

Detractor focus

Detractor Identification

We can identify the residents that might need a little extra attention.

Change Minds

By directly asking residents what their issues are you can work towards improving their opinion of your company.

Manage for the majority

By polling all residents you can be confident that your decisions are being carried out for the benefit of the majority.


We can help you carry out consultations with residents for services such as CCTV or parking enforcement.

We can help to consult via email, QR codes or personalised web links.

customer engagement

Customer First

Understand your Residents.

You can't have a customer-first strategy without knowing who your customers are. You need to deeply understand your audience and how your business improves their experience. It is easy to state that our customers are the owners of the properties or the Directors of the Management Companies. However, you should also consider other stakeholders. For example the sub-tenant that reports back to the owner, the Letting Agent, family members or visitors. Each of these stakeholders has an interaction with the development and either report directly to the Managing Agent or to the owner/director.

Recognise what customer needs you are fulfilling.

Once you identify your customers, start thinking about their needs and targets. This helps you determine which goal(s) or need(s) your company should address. For instance, service charge accounts are unique and can be difficult to understand for an owner. Perhaps you provide a narrative alongside your service charge accounts explaining each line of expenditure for clarity or spend time at an AGM fielding questions. Having the ability to address a certain problem for your customer base will set you apart from competitors and prove your customer first mentality.

Bring a customer-centric mind-set to every team member.

In most organisations, the property management team is solely responsible for monitoring customer satisfaction. These employees directly communicate with customers, so it makes sense they're the only ones who should worry about what owners think, right? Wrong.

It's impossible to have a customer first strategy if its weight falls solely on customer-facing employees. Every function in your business can benefit from adopting a customer-centric mind-set.

Prioritise direct customer communications.

No matter the company you work for, sometimes it feels like there are a million things to get done. However, it doesn't matter how good a job you are doing if you are not keeping the owners informed. This is why communications, including newsletters, social media, letters and emails are so important. Connect with your residents, and show them what, why and how you are managing their development. This builds the narrative that your company is designed with customer needs in mind.

Regularly survey customers.

You can't know if your customer first strategy is effective unless you obtain customer feedback. Surveying residents on a regular basis (i.e., quarterly, bi-annually, or at a schedule of your choosing) can offer valuable insights. Consider their feedback, and use it to fuel your decisions. It's also helpful to survey employees. After all, as we mentioned earlier, employee satisfaction and happiness are just as important as the customers'. Get feedback from your team on how they believe the strategy is working and whether they have ideas for improvements.

Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help build your bespoke, customer first, strategy.

Data analysis

Need more time?

Regularly surveying your residents is going to generate an inordinate amount of data and you may wonder where to start.

We can analyse the data prior and help to put together an action plan which will be most effective. Over a time we can track trends and provide the information required to proactively manage your developments.

Most importantly we can save your staff time and effort whilst improving the service they are providing.

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